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CASINO 17 gener

In the Casino 17 de gener, where we will celebrate Friday's Welcome, in the 30s it also celebrated parties where Jazz bands and dancing went hand in hand... almost 100 years later they meet again with the Menorca Lindy Exchange and THE SWING CRUSADERS


The OceanCat is a unique catamaran in the port of Ciutadella, from where the La Mar de Swing excursion departs, it is a boat that has all the comforts so that you can enjoy it and have no other worries rather than relaxing and feeling in touch with the sun and the sea and the music of TOPSY QUARTET


A small pine grove in the beautiful mig of Ciutadella, a large square where in the shade of the pines we will dance to the rhythm of the young jazz stars the BIG BAND DES MERCADAL


We will tour the center of Ciutadella with MONKEY DOO UKELELOS to the rhythm of Swing, with stops in the most emblematic squares and the places where we like to dance the most.

sala canal salat

Where we will celebrate the two main parties, Saturday the SwingXalada party by Mar Viva and Sunday the Vintage Party. An open space where Naomi & Her Handsome Devils and the Stockholm Swing All Stars will make us dance until we burst.  


In the heart of Ciutadella, the Plaza de la Catedral is bordered by the island's main church and various noble palaces, which will be the setting for the preliminary competitions of Jazz Solo and Mix&Match


The north coast of Ciutadella is landscaped opposite to the south. More arid and wild, Menorca shows us geologically older.

torre den quart

The Torre d´en Quart is one of the most characteristic defense buildings in Ciutadella. Of the great diversity of solutions that Menorcan rural architecture shows us, the complexes built with towers represent a rare variant in the insular landscape. The tower was the immediate defense device that the inhabitants of the areas most exposed to pirate raids had.

Today the farmhouse is an important cheese factory and producer of traditional sausages.


Cala Morell is a small natural harbor on the north coast of Ciutadella where there is a necropolis of great beauty. It is a set of fourteen caves artificially excavated in the rock of a small ravine and which form one of the largest and most spectacular prehistoric cemeteries on the island. It was used as a cemetery from the Navetiform period (1700 BC) until the 2nd century AD.

The oldest caves are small with a circular floor plan and a hemispherical roof and the later ones are the largest and most monumental. They imitate the circular houses of the post-Talaiotic period (650-123 BC), with spaces differentiated by means of pilasters, steps and columns. Some have small patios in front of their portal. The most spectacular cave of all features classical architectural motifs in relief on its facade.


A cove of conglomerates with crystal clear waters surrounded by red earth. A haven of peace and tranquility.


(TBA) The space will be announced soon


The rectangular cloister, undoubtedly one of the best spaces in Ciutadella. The great height of the arches give the whole a remarkable feeling of lightness. The upper gallery stands out for its segmented arches. Other buildings of interest are the chapel on the first floor, the great library and the old refectory.


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