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MELX 2023 is finished! from Jazz Obert, we want to thank all the Menorca Lindy Exchange participants for having shared with us this very special edition, for being the most international participation and also the most heterogeneous.

The objective of the meeting was "Xalar" (enjoy), enjoy the music, and dance it here in our Menorca, which is now also a bit yours.

We also want to thank all the sponsoring and collaborating entities for their support: Ciutadella de Menorca City Council, the Menorca Island Council and especially the Fundació Foment del Turísme de Menorca.

To those who have helped us with the gastronomic part, Ses Voltes Espai Gastronòmic, Piqniq, Plats de Casa and Bar des Casino Nou, D.O. Mahon Menorca, Artisan Cheese Torre d´en Quart,

To all the sponsors and collaborators, Gin Xoriguer, Vacances Menorca Resort, Estrella DAMM, DO Mahon-Menorca, Bishopric of Menorca, Teatro Casino 17 de Gener, Center Jardinería Ciutadella, Optica Ciutadella, Autos Menorca, Elitechip, OceanCat, Cavalls Son Angel, Associació Per la mar VIVA, Acustic Menorca, So x Tu, Barber2, Associació Náutica Cala Morell and Escola de Música i Arts escéniques de Ciutadella de Menorca.

To Isabel Martín (Menorca Sedueix) for always being willing to "xalar" with us and helping us get to know our island a little more.

The bands: TOPSY SWING Quartet, The Swing Crusaders, the Big Band of the Mercadal School of Music and Dance, the Monkey Doo Swing Band, PLATANO MANUSH and especially NAOMI & HER HANDSOME DEVILS and THE STOCKHOLM SWING ALL STARS, Martí Segalàs and Naty Brown, we want to thank all of them for making us enjoy swing music and making us dance without ceasing.

Also to the members of the Mix & Match jury, Carla, Lolo, Mertxis and Martí.

To all the volunteers who help us altruistically and without them we couldn't even get started.

To the sister associations Swing Around the world, BCN Swing, TGN SWING, La Rioja Swing, Burgos Swing, Jazz Bouncing and to those who are in the process of twinning MAD for swing, Pamplona Swing, Swing & South Sevilla to encourage us and help us send us our Exchange to more and more people around the world.

In Diario Menorca, IB3 TV, Sara Pista and Manuel Pérez de Guzman to help us spread our Exchange.

In all the Menorcan hoppers who have hosted this Menorca Lindy Exchange, we also want to acknowledge their collaboration in making this meeting possible.

And finally, highlight all the support, comments for improvement, suggestions, hugs, kisses and expressions of affection that we have received, they charge us with energy to start preparing the Menorca Lindy Exchange 2024.

We will continue SwingXalant!

MeLX Team

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